October 28, 2016

Lucy and the iPhone 7

The doggy didn't get an iPhone. But my husband did. So Lucy had her portrait done. We're quite pleased. Well, my husband is quite pleased. His new iPhone 7 gives him the option to play with depth of field. When he takes pictures of Lucy.

Lucy is a funny dog. Full of sweetness, (I'm not sure I've known a dog to hug like she does), and spice -- she runs the German Shepherd off her territory, which may be the whole house, at whim.

Free. Because she was a friend's dog's puppy. Costly. Because she ate almost every pen, pencil and sock she could find (we tried to get them all but she managed to find them) and saw the vet more than once for said practice. She pushed the puppy limits for sure.

My Dear wasn't completely sold on Lucy as the addition to the family when she joined us. My daughter and I were certain. My son fell in love. But Dad held out. Until her sweetness and her desire to be near him melted the borders and he too fell for her sweet and sassy charm.

On the awful day we came home from losing her best friend and mentor (read about Max here) to an irreversible illness, it was Lucy who softened the landing. She attended to each of us the way doggies do, with love and licks and gentleness. We all believe we owe her a debt of gratitude for offering her foot or just laying on us during that first week of numbness and sadness.

A month later we noticed the toll his absence was taking on her. She was so quiet. Sad looking. Wandering. It was then we decided to bring Ace home. He's her new best pal. Kinda. They're still figuring it out, but that's a different story.

This is about Lu and a phone camera.

So, what do you think?

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