November 09, 2015

Day 3:: Simply yes! Telling the truth

I like how not very bold this looks.
But it is a bold statement. And, once again, this week, it comes from reading what I was told to read (Hi Krissy!):
Telling Secrets.

I promise, after reading I started with undone before I got to yes. I sat in my office weeping. Had to close the door. Then my friend walked in to see how my weekend was to find me with the drippy eyes. I just went on to tell my truth.

I have so much work to make the big number required, and I feel alone. (I am not alone.) I am struggling to be a great mom as I raise a very strong-willed teenager. (I am a strong-willed grown up.) I am exhausted. (Even though I slept 7.5 hours last night.)

I like that when she asked, I didn't say fine. She was kind and climbed up on a ladder to change my (not-yet-reset) clock to PST. It relieved some stress and I felt a little loved.

So yes to truth!
Yes! Yes! Yes!

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