October 07, 2013

The only things I need.

Well, there they are. The only things I really need in the kitchen. Or at least the utensils I use the most. Love the most. Would not want to live without. 

When I started cooking, I was enchanted by all the beautiful and wonderful things at the cooking stores. I'd meander in Montana Mercantile, waltz the aisles at Williams Sonoma and saunter at Sur La Table Seattle, looking at all I thought I needed. I love my heavy red striped mixing bowls and the drawer filled with cutting, zesting, reaming gadgetry. But in the end, I learned what every cook seems to know. Side towels, tongs and stainless bowls are what you really need. Ok, and a great chef's knife. 
So tonight, with roasted chicken and soon to be roasted baby broccoli on the board, I sing some kitcheny praise to these tools for ease, simplicity and efficiency. 

You need them. And some heavy side towels. 

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