February 21, 2012

Counterfeit blogging

I think that's what I'll call it.
Pinning something I found on Pinterest.
Counterfeit blogging, it is.

I'd so much prefer sharing the observation.

And today, I'm observing this gorgeous golden sunlight out my window streaking and speckling the Pepper Tree. Green and red. And golden light and dark.

What I can't see from here is the new Ginko Tree our neighborhood association planted for us after the death of our 40+ year old Carob Tree. We had remorse at the removal. Then the stump grinding. We sat in the house and talked about the replacement. We stood outside and marveled at all the space. We missed the big curly leafed branches we loved just out our window. While we talked about it, Ginko? Redbud? Another Pepper Tree? Someone had a plan and executed it.

So the new Ginko stands. Not tall, yet. Ready to grow into the tree we love just out the transom windows.

Perhaps tomorrow in my true blogger mode, a picture of this gift.

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