March 05, 2011

A Saturday Joy - a few of my favorite things

I had to laugh at the joy I felt welling up at my center when I saw this still life.  There they are, the ABCs of me. This little configuration isn't at all inclusive, but pretty foundational.

a.  The coffee machine (in my antique kitchen)

b.  The dish soap, because I always have a dish to wash

c.  The paint brushes which accompany the toe in the water, the foot in the water, the jumping in with some art

d.  The empty salad dressing bottle ready for whichever version of Dijon Vinaigrette comes next

e.  The bamboo cutting board from my friend Joe, years ago.

And, my friend, I ask you:  What are the ABCs of you?

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Joan Duff said...

A weekend free, with nothing in particular to do.

Spring birds chirping in the trees outside our bedroom window.

The bluebird that visits our deck and squawks loudly for a piece of dropped dog food.

Our cats and dogs all lounging in the sun together.

A good book that begs to be read first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Playing great old and new dance music loudly while cooking in the kitchen.

Laughing out loud.

Talking to friends.

Singing with Leah.

Dancing around the house.

Family wrestle, it'll end in tears.

Classical music.

Pink roses in a vase.

Kerry said...

shared meals
my journal
hours in the kitchen
the brown leather chair cuddles
these are a few of my favorite things...


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