September 24, 2010

The fall before Fall.

Honestly? The end of summer as defined by school starting and long lazy days of well, being lazy and reading like I had all the time in the world and could really stay up until one o'clock in the morning and sleep until seven or eight, got me. In my world, I go back to work before the little darlings. I administrate admissions so, I'm there every week a day or so over summer, but I don't have the routine.

And this summer was about incorporating some nifty new routines into my world. Like a load of laundry a day, dishwasher on a wash at night, unload in the morning schedule. There's more to it. A reordering of the day and of my thought. It's peachy. A missing piece of my childhood learning which I am now caught up on.

I like these small changes so much I took on a few new ones for the start of school and I learned something. Being a grown up means you have less time for play. At least that's true for me in these days of new routine and "hot spot" clean up and making school lunches the night before school. It's all very good, but I'm in the shift of the pendulum that hasn't found it's way back to center and the new normal. It will come, but for now, in my dedication, I'm a little worn. But, our home is more orderly, we're on time or early and there isn't quite so much interference of the stuff that doesn't get done but MUST get done. Small changes and a long walk in the same direction.

Hence, hence, hence a little less time for my input output in the world of expression.

Get me right! I'm grateful. And happy as I can be for the coming of school and the entering of Fall. I feel a deep sigh of the new grooves of this routine. There's peace.

There's also this piece.
I'm here with the flying fingers, inspired by some simplicity and daily tasks.
Who knew?

1 comment:

Shannon said...

here's to more play!! i love the new rituals you have incorporated. i have done some of those, too...rituals that close out the day and that start the next morning. i really love the changes i'm seeing.



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