November 29, 2016


Renew::Christ is all in all. He is here symbolically in a stone altar He is here sacramentally in bread and wine. He is here spiritually in hearts lifted up and returned to us renewed, transformed, consecrated.  Br. Mark Brown

I marvel at my friend Nancy Santullo. She's there on the left in the Rain Forest, where she's giving a significant portion of her live to serve, to renew, to love the people there and to help bring fresh water to their lives. There's so much more. Her short biography states brilliantly: "The essence of her activism is not only a functioning clean water source, or creating better hygiene and health — it is the building of a community that values, maintains and benefits together from its existence in their village."

Nancy has made her life to be about renewal. Through her presence, her love and her diligence. Hands and feet, you know?

You can read more about Nancy Santullo and Rain Forest Flow here. And, it is giving Tuesday!

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